Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Wizard

Its about a boy name Jimmy and he want to go to California.At the beginning it was showing that he was going to California walking.Then the police saw him and took him to a room.Then his brother was tayer so he was going to California  with his brother Jimmy.So they  pass trough allot of things so they went to a store they realize that he was good at playing in that machine stores.So that's how they get money by doing bets that Jimmy can bit them up.One day they didn't won so the old them money to this boy that his name is Lucas.So they get to Los Angeles so they can Winn the competition of winning 50,000 by being the first place of playing the game high score.When they were going thru all that they were this man that founds kids to try to get them and the dad.And this girls was helping Jimmy and his brother.So they were passing by California and Jimmy said stop and they stop because they caught the boy that was the dad so they run to see what Jimmy was doing he always had a lunch box were he had pictures of her sister that dye.So Jimmy was running to the place of Dinosaurs to let the lunch box were her sister was happy and had allot of fun.The last thing is that they were all together again and the they 3 gave a kiss.

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