Thursday, September 27, 2012

Choosing A Topic

I like my idea of doing math equations because I know how to do math equations well so, I can teach other kids how to them to. The way they are gong to learn is I'm going to give them an example each time the math equation gets harder. If I know how to do this subject already is not going to be really hard to do the game. I'm going to put an equation and if they get it right they have to found a hidden object. I think this year doing the game is going to be really cool.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Playing To Learn

By playing the game i got ideas and I think it help to visualize how my game its going to be about. It gave me ideas like hiding objects , summing in the objects , and putting time on my game. I think my game is going to be about math because i want it to be a challenging game. I want it to be summing because i want to have object that you can see like they were in real life. I hope I do good on my game and do a good job. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

First Month Of School !

I have deal with the first month of school ! I don't really like this year, the reason I don't like this year of school is because all my friends are moving.Honestly i think this year is the worst so I guess I'm moving next year  because I don't like it like I use too. What I have done this month is i made the Volleyball team  I'm really glad I did because I wanted to get in it really bad.What I want to join too is on Basketball,track, and soccer I think it would be cool learning new sports.I got my grades but I'm really not happy because i got too many 80's and i need 90,s and 100's . I hope i get them higher and get to be a great student on my last year of school . I want to make my mom really proud of her daughter for getting the best grades.