Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spirit of the Marathon

A marathon is were people go to run and they have to finish the line. The people who finish first place are the top ones from the whole world.You have to sign up to get in it and they train you a lot.My favorite story from the movie was Deena Kastor. I like her a lot because she really knows how to run and she brakes the record. I think shes really proud of her self because she has done a lot and she has become famous.But they don't care about the money and famous they did it because they believe they could do it.I think i can accomplish a goal of running too. I think I'm a very good runner because I'm always second place and today I'm doing my pastier test and I think i can go for first place.In summer I'm going to run every day so I can get my self in shape.

Friday, May 11, 2012

My game

My game at the beginning is hard to play i kind of not like that, but its okay. One thing i love about my game is that one of the characters can move and it doesn't need anything any more you can move it up, down, left, right, and down.Another I thing I like about my game is the background I made it I like it because it makes it harder to the player to understand whats going on. The another thing that I really love about game is that there's not really that much mistakes on our game. The reason why I don't really like my game is because the topic was  about Cyber bully and the game doesn't even look like it is about Cyber bully. If i could go back when we were doing our game it would be to concentrate in our game and stop being a clown. I think that when people see our game they are going to say that the game doesn't work that it suck because we didn't put our best on it. I think it was mostly my fault because I was the reason they act really crazy and start laughing when we didn't supposed to.. At the last week we had to finish our game we were fighting and arguing too each other that I end up knowing that one of them weren't my true friend. I think the game its okay and thanks to the work at least you can play it and see a little bit of what it was going to be about.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Final Game Reflection

I've been in Globaloria for two years,but this year I learned more.It was harder because this year the teacher didn't help us as much like we did last year.Our group always use to laugh and get in trouble so the last week that we had to work on the game we started arguing and we didn't even get to make the game interesting and about our topping.I learned in Flash how to make buttons,make characters move,and how too make the enemy.What I got better this year on was making the character move I got mistakes but i did way better than last year.Last year we got allot of help well I didn't once i came after school for help they didn't help me to the others students they did, so I'm already use since last year to not getting that much help.This year I had a group last year I did it all of to my self.My topic was about cyber bully  I learned new things, but its sad to know we cant really make a difference,but if we all work together we can.This year I realize that I wasn't the same i guff off too much and get on trouble, I make my team mates do it to so that's the reason we didn't finish our game. What i tough about my self was that I think I could of work better by my self because I would of concentrate more on my game.What was most challenging this year was that we had to do two levels and we only did one.