Wednesday, September 29, 2010

food inc

What I know from food ink is about the fast food.What I learned from the fast food that is bad eating alot of fast food.I see why it affects to us.I know that they have kill to much animals for us.I want to try to take animals but not to kill them is so they could have a better life.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Food ink this is one page were you can go and learned about the problems of the food.I like doing this because you can learned alot and it helps you.I love looking the video on Mrs.Valdez class.I like the way they did the movie and how the explained the movie.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to school night

What I what that my family needs to know how we work hard on each class.I love doing that so theyan now how we need to be working hard and have attention.What i taught that I gotta learned and my parent is tht we need to know how to be so good at getting to each class on time.That's what I think is going to be.

Friday, September 24, 2010

2 artist that I like

I love Justin Biber because hes so cute.I love his songs because they are so romantic for me.Their songs make me feel happy.My favorite song from Justin Biber is that should be me.I love it because its so sad and romatic.But I love 2 Prince Royce he is to hot.The song that I like from hem is darling stand bye me.I love both of the because they are cute,and sing cool.They are so amazing!!!!!.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

social issues part 2

What I have learned of social issues is that plastic on earth is affecting.It is affecting because the plastic that we trow that we neven care.It affects because the fishes from the water eat the plastic and dye.Other animals it plastic and the plastic the eat and get sick.That's all what I got for today

Monday, September 20, 2010

The least affecting game is nuthing but net

This game is the least affecting because the rules are boring and it  takes for ever to throw the ball. The rules are boring because is only getting like points and throwing the ball.What I like from the game ate the designs.What it was important to me in the game is why they put the tittle nothing but net if it is about basket ball.What they gotta change from the game is how the rules are and more cool stuff.If that was my game I would change to soccer and you gotta throw the ball and each goal would be 10 points and if you do 100 points you get to the next level.Those are the stuff that I would change,that I like,and the stuff that I dint like.This is my least affecting game to because I dint learned nothing just playing like if it was a basket ball game.


The Most affecting game

This is the mos affecting game  because is about racing and it is difficult to pass but it is still fun playing it.I like the game because is about racing and I am going to love  because it is fun playing racing games.What i would change from the game is the limit because that's how I lose  because the car limit goes fast.I like how they did the design because when you pass a level is design like winter or summer or other other different designs.The rules are fun because it is that you gotta winn and not move it with the mouse toy gotta move it with the key bord.That's what I would change,things that I dint like,and things that I like the most.   This is my most affecting game because I learned how to play racing games and it was teaching me how to drive. 
        if you want to play drift runners  click on the link

My issue

 social issue is something that affects many people at one time. What are some social issues that are important to you? Why are they important?The problem that affects many people  is the weather.Why is so important to me? because the weather some times is find but some times is difficult.Why is difficult? because it cause on earth and that whether could go on the places were people are and my family.So I'm always thinking of the weather because my siters or family gets sick so I'm always thinking.Some times when some of my family gets sick I'm sad because they feel so bad.When always my sister gets sick is when is cold.when she gets sick I'm always sad because she gets the temperature high and she cry.That's why the temperature is so important the weather.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What means to me go to college?

What means to me to go to college is that you need to go to college.Why you need to go college?I can go to college evry body is nothing that you can say that yo cant go to college.My mom dint go to college but those where realy things that she need to do.Is a reason why she dint and that reason is because those times all the fathers say not all but some they say that girls are welcome to stay at home and just clean all day.But know is no reason that you cant go to college.If you sey that your not going to college that's a bad choice for your self.Why is a bad choice because you need to go to college because if  you don't go to college your not going to have a good life if you go to college your going to have a good life only if you work hard.Why you need to go college because is the mos important thing if you a mom or a dad and you steel got a chance to go college go and take that chance so your baby would a good life,a good place,and the best education.I'm telling all of you all that read this because college is were you getting a better life but only one thing you need to work hard no matter what just try your best.I'm going to college and going to be a doctor and nothing is going to stop me.Why no body is going to stop me? is because I want to have a better life and if I have a children when I'm doing my dreams nothing going to stop me.Why is not going to stop me is I have only that children? because I want that that children if I have her or he I want that she or he would have the best life than some one else,it dint matter what place.Why it doesn't matter what place?because is going to be the same only is she wont have a good life but that children is going to have what ever she want only if is a good thing.Go TO COLLEGE GIVE YOUR SELF A CHANCE TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not a kool game

I dint like the game that is call nothing but net because is not a intretament game for me.I dint like it to because it takes for ever to trow the ball.The game is trying to teach you how to play basket ball.I dint like it to because I don't like that much basket ball so it was going to be boring.Why I dint like it to is because I like action games and I don't like those kinds of games.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I like Super Mario Bros, and  the game is a action game because you and the game is doing the action.How I can tell that is you are moving Mario and your doing action by playing.Like the mini games you got to blow or whit the little pen you moving and your doing action.I like that game because it is fun and you can blow and is about action.You can move to one wey and to the other way on the minigames, and you can also have some fun.What i mean about that is that the game is about action because you got to pass the missions and those are the things you got to do.But on the minigames you got to pass the mission but on a different way.What I mean about is that you got to pass the minigames whit the pen because you got to move the things you got to so you can pass the minigames.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Fvorite games

You have played many video and computer games throughout your life. What are some of your favorites? What do you like about them? What do they have in common? I have play the Xbox 360, Play Station 2,The Dsi,game boy,Play Station 1.,PSP,and the last one is the Ds.I like that you can put the game and you play the game and my favorite one is Super Mario Bros.,Gran Auto,Gran Auto San Andres,W Smack down.They got in common about driving and that you got to pass the missions.And i love them because they are so fun to play.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Why i love my causen songs on you tube ?

Why I love her songs is because she sings so beautiful.I love the way she sings and for all my family likes her voice she always ask me if I'm going to be a artist.But I always tell her ''no'' because I'm going to be a doctor.Then she sey that she is going to be a artist I'm like you do need to cause you sing so pretty.Then at the and we always make a video of me and her.She has some cool videos of her on you tube some of them she is  nervous so she doesn't sing that loud.I realy love her videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An inconvinent truth

Last week you watched the film An Inconvinent Truth.Film tryng to tell you? How does global warming (climate change ) affect you? I learned that climete changes and affects the animals.Beacuse whwen the sun is on a place where is cold or whis ice it starts geting hot and the ice starts melting and some animals need the ice and they need the cold.And where it was hot know is cold and they need the worm because they leave on a hot wether so thatz how it affect to the animals.And I was thinking that the insect they are caind of animal cause it afects to them to. And i learnd to that humans gotta do there best by the wether to.And i learned that humans when is cold they gotta do there best working so they can buy warm clothes and other stuff.And when is hot they gotta buy things that are not worm close that are fresh to where.And see that when is a big storm of water people need to do there best soy they can be at life cause they want to be having fun on Earth and having there family.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My first week at EACPA was fun because I now more students and different teacher.What I like from this school are the respect of each teacher.And I like the we have fun activity's on are classes.And what I didn't like is the uniforms and one ruled is that we can't have gum on class.