Monday, November 29, 2010


My favorite genre is racing runers.I like it becouse is alot of fun and is about racing.What I learned about that game is not that you be the number one is that you need to get all the steps and pass the levels.My favoerite fact is that when you are playing is that you are on the see,land,air and vehicles.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm reading the book that is Zia.What is happening is that they were on a storm Zia her brother and Karana.In the storm Karana gets lost but Zia and hes brother are safe.Now Zia and hes brother are living on a island and they are have rules.They always are looking for stuff and when they see something the say "mio" that means mine.One they they were out side on the island and Zia saw something and then she say ''mio'' and then his brother turn around too and he scream mio to.It was a boat but they dint now who it was from so they went to See padre Vicente.The they conffense what they saw and then Zia told padre if it was going to be hers and the padre say yes.The padre told him the name that say the boat it was island boy.That's what I have been reading.

Friday, November 12, 2010

In to the arms of strangers

Kids port-What is happening is that they are people talking and they are guish.What they are talking about is that they live in Germany.What was happening is that they were killing the people that were guish.What happen is that they were killing but they were going to go to London because they give them a chance.So they went to London they were not with there parents so they ask the questions.What they did to them is live them on a house but they dint no English.Later on they speak English and the write letters to there parents.Then the grow up and have a better life  THE END.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Michael Jackson

What I have reading on globaloria is about the book of Michael Jackson.I have been reading that Jckson leave on the street that was name Jackson.Well is about Jackson getting borned and he had brothers and hes brother Ton broke hes dad guitar.Hes understand that Jackson brothers practice with Joes gutar.Then Jackson was born and he wanted to be on a hes brother group but they told him he culdn't get on  the group because he was young.Then Jackson sing on the school  and he sing amazing.hes brothers wanted now Jackson on hes group.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The diary of anne frank

What  I know about the movie is that  It was about Anne family and they believe on god so they wanted to kill them.They went to live to a place were no body new that they were there so the went there but the women who went and give them food was the only one that dint talk to other people the live there.One day a police found the family.They kill the on a different camp but they died.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What I have been learning is how to move the stuff.I have learned true step one to step 5.I think that I need to learned more how to move the stuff that I want to move.So what I was thinking that I need to learned more how to help my partner because she gets lost each time that we are starting something.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekly post

What I learned today in globaloria is how to do symbols.What I think when we did the symbols is that it was easy.What I taught is that it wasn't boring doing the symbols.Why I think it was not boring is because I pay attention.Today I'm writing how I feel what I have learned.So I feel good learning because I'm doing what I need to know.I'm feeling good to is because I'm learning everything that I'm doing in class.Today I'm writing about how I think is hard my work that I  do ,and I'm going to write about how do I feel doing my work and learning.What I think is difficult is to remember everything in one moment.That's what I think is difficult to me to do.What I feel doing this is good.What I mean good is that I field comfortable doing my work.Today I'm going to write what I'm doing and how a challenge.Well I have doing the steps and a challenge to do my best lessening and paying attention.Well I challenge that because those are the things I need to be doing.What I'm writing today about is how a challenge my self doing my work?.Well I challenge in my work because I want to have good grades.I think having a good grade is cool because you can do cool stuff.Those are the stuff  that I challenge for.