Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tempest In Cresent City

I play the game and it is call Tempest In Crescent City, what I realise or learn from that game is that when you help the people they don't care if you already help the to get out.What they want is water or a food so they would get out other people just get out and are happy because they help them.
   Another thing about the game, is that in the game I have to help the people and get them out of the roofs.We help them get out of the roofs because in the movie they told us that some people stay in the house.What happen is that there was a flood so they had to get out and the house was fool of water so the climb in top of the roofs and they scream for help and they had to get them out from there.Another people die in there because they didn't fund the door from the roof and another house didn't had the little door.
  The game has the water going up each level the water is going up because in the hurricane the water was leveling up,and because that's what happen in the hurricane Katrina.What inspire me allot is the game because it shows you what happen and what you would do if that happens to us.The game makes me inspire the sadness because it really sad to know that people die and parent lost there child and children lost there parents.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Darfur Is Dying :)

We play a game that it is call Dar fur is dying  and when I play it I learn allot of things.What I learn from that game is that Darfur is a really small place where the Janjaweed attack them.What I learn from that game to is that they need to forage for water and the smaller kids when they go git water they don't get that much and the woman gets more water but runs slower.I learn to that they have to wait a wile so they would get Medical supplies.
     When you play there's some difference in the game and the difference are that if you forage for water with a child that is really young is gonna run faster but not getting that much water.If you get an older child or the woman you get more water and run more slower.The game tells you how they live when you go to camp and you click on the queston mark it tells you how they live.
     When you go to camp is really fun because you get to plant food and catch up a level.It is fun to because you get to learn about Darefur.Learning about Darfur sounds really fun because is a really experience that you can have.
 Theres this questons that they ask you is you want to send a letter to thae president or share on Facebook I think they put that so they would know that they really need help and learn there expirences.I think to that they wnat to share it so they would learn that theres other people in the world that they need help on.
    It  inspire me to make like a game because I think is sad how they live and ecpesually thinking how they rape the womans.Imagine if they did that to you or heat you or kill your family.I think you wont like to have that life thats the reoson they need help.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a man that invent the apple and that make this world a diffrence.I think he did allot of thin gs and that he is a really important person.What I have learn today about Steve Jobs is that he is a hero and that he is an inspiration that made technology.And if wornt for him my favorite movies wouldnt exist.He is a big inspiration to me because he made my life happy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Playing To Learn

Right know my idea for my genre for my game is action because what my game is about walking and running really fast so the caracther would get whahht he wants.I think thats what I want because I think It matches with my game.I learn t hat genres are really important to review because it is a part that you need to know for your game.What I learn too from the games that I like  is that they are really interesting and they have new things that you would like to have because they look good on a game.The game teach me how to see that helping each other from the community would work out.  Tempest in Crescent City is one because its really interesting how the flood  is happening and how you have to help the people.
   The question that I have is how did they make the flood happen? and how do you make the people come out of the house?.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Be The Change

On Saturday we participated on  be  the change what we did is we went to make a mulch in each tree.What I think about that day it was that it was really easy and it wasn't that hard.I was in Ms.Fox group but it was only Ms.Fox,Alejandra,Rudy,Karla,and me we all did about 9 or 10 mulches on the trees.They help allot because we did allot of trees and we fix other ones that wernt done right.We help on the other ones that were not done right because then they were not going to help on the trees and we fix them to so they will say that we did a nice job.I would like to participate on other activity like painting Parks, School, or places were they need help on.I want to help on that because that's ab activity that I ♥ to do & an activity that we can help on.