Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Break

 When I got out of school I was really because it was time to get ready to party and to be with the family. On Christmas I had a great time we celebrate a party at  my house with the family and we got presents. For Christmas I didn't really wanted any gifts only 1 Snap Back, but I ended getting more presents and I was glad that my family got me more presents. Well, I usually didn't care about the presents I mostly care that my family was there. Then it was NEW YEARS!!! YAAAAYY!! I was really happy that new years had came because I usually want to change my craziness to a normal person, but I think is too hard, but I'm trying.  Well what I did for new years was that I did a part at my uncles house because my cousin cant go any were because he has a parole, but either way we had a great day. The most thing that I like about winter break was  new years when the fire works came out it was color full and pretty and i love it.

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