Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Platform Game Peoject

I have been enjoying this project, but not as much I tough I was going to enjoyed it.The reason why I haven't enjoyed it as much is because  its really hard to fix it and really hard to find the problems or errors that the game has, & especially because you have to go one by one allot of time until you find all the mistakes. I did learn alot of things in but I burly learn some things like fixing errors,making our hero to move or put actions on it. My favorite part in this project is cheeking the errors and when ever we check them more mistakes are getting fixed.My least favorite thing about this project is that I cant get the game fixed and get the game to work because we are going to do more things and the codes are going to get mixed and that's going to get crazy.This project is really challenging because mostly what we been doing is hard and trying to get the game work to move on.

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