Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spirit of the Marathon

A marathon is were people go to run and they have to finish the line. The people who finish first place are the top ones from the whole world.You have to sign up to get in it and they train you a lot.My favorite story from the movie was Deena Kastor. I like her a lot because she really knows how to run and she brakes the record. I think shes really proud of her self because she has done a lot and she has become famous.But they don't care about the money and famous they did it because they believe they could do it.I think i can accomplish a goal of running too. I think I'm a very good runner because I'm always second place and today I'm doing my pastier test and I think i can go for first place.In summer I'm going to run every day so I can get my self in shape.

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