Monday, September 17, 2012

First Month Of School !

I have deal with the first month of school ! I don't really like this year, the reason I don't like this year of school is because all my friends are moving.Honestly i think this year is the worst so I guess I'm moving next year  because I don't like it like I use too. What I have done this month is i made the Volleyball team  I'm really glad I did because I wanted to get in it really bad.What I want to join too is on Basketball,track, and soccer I think it would be cool learning new sports.I got my grades but I'm really not happy because i got too many 80's and i need 90,s and 100's . I hope i get them higher and get to be a great student on my last year of school . I want to make my mom really proud of her daughter for getting the best grades.

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