Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm reading the book that is Zia.What is happening is that they were on a storm Zia her brother and Karana.In the storm Karana gets lost but Zia and hes brother are safe.Now Zia and hes brother are living on a island and they are have rules.They always are looking for stuff and when they see something the say "mio" that means mine.One they they were out side on the island and Zia saw something and then she say ''mio'' and then his brother turn around too and he scream mio to.It was a boat but they dint now who it was from so they went to See padre Vicente.The they conffense what they saw and then Zia told padre if it was going to be hers and the padre say yes.The padre told him the name that say the boat it was island boy.That's what I have been reading.

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