Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Imagining Your Game

My Topic is:
  • What 2 game genres do you think would allow you to explore this topic in a fun and engaging way?
    • Genre 1: racing
    • Genre 2: taking care of the cars from the store
  • Imagine and describe one game idea that incorporate your topic into one of these genres.
My game idea is:My game idea for racing is to race and chose your car and  start racing.Is going to have radio and you get to pick the station you want.What  I want to do for taking care of cars from the store is to park on a parking side with out touching the car.The music is going to have is the same thing as racing.I think I'm doing the game racing because I think it is a cool action game.What I think for taking care of the cars from the store is because people are not pouting them were they so post to put them.With those cars at the store they crash with the cars.

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