Friday, December 10, 2010

The Lottery

We saw a movie that is the lottery.What is about is that they are students need to have education.They are saying to that the kids need to learned how to be responsible.All the students need to have  education  and responsibility, because they are not knowing what they are doing and reading.They are trying say that when they are on 5th grade or up the don't now how to read.So the teachers that are on schools of privacy and academy don't care of the students grade they care that the students need to Sussed.Well they do care there grades but the want them to Sussed.And they don't care how much they pay them what they care are the students.On the movie they were talking to that the public schools are not teaching that good to the students they are just passing them to there grades.It was the day of the lottery and only 1 kid from the camera won to go to a academy school and the other ones just go on and do there best.

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