Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mad Hot Ball Room

The final is that they all did the last competition of wining medals.They all practecing so they can win the trophy and be the best dancers from all those schools.So now they all telling the students to move good and do there best so they can win that big trophy but if they don't win they can still winn  next your or the other year or the other on or even more but they going to get to win. So is now the day to compete  and the teacher is doing to the boys and girls there hear.They all ready and start to dance.The INDIGO is winning and they all screaming.So now they got the ones of 3rd 2nd and the ones of 1st are competting that are the INDIGO and the ORANGE team.So they are dancing wild the people are scrteaming and getting surpprised how they dance.And the winners are the INDIGO becise they did there best job so they get the big 1st place trophy.

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