Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Game Demo Questons

  • Intro screen: Justin Bieber Fashion Game
  • Team Introduction:Karen
  • Audience: Justin Bieber because he is my favorite artist and you can change him how ever you want.
  • Gameplay:You see how You are changing and combining the clothes by doing the correct answer.The game of the goal is to get evrything right so you can change good justin bieber.
  • Learning Goal:They would learn how to play it and might learn how to make fractions to decimals. 
  • Fun Factor:It make sit fun because justin bieber is there and you get learn something. 
  • Smart Factor:It teaches you how to change decimals to fractions.
  • Style Factor:You would se ratio stations or probabily you would hear justin bieber songs. And the animation is to get Justin Bieber hott like you want't him.
  • Originality Factor:It makes it special because it has math and is teaching you and is going to be justin bieber in it.

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