Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sponge Bob Squere Pants And Patrick

My favorite carcatherts is Sponge Bob and Patrick I think one day I'm going to marry Sponge Bob because he is really gorgeus and cute and bery nice.I havent never  seen a person like him so I am always gona think about him.Ohh and no body is going to take him because I love him.It dosen't matter if they say that he dosent exist.Patrick is the one who I am always  going to trust and have fun because he is really funny and always be on your side.I would never think that he would leave me alone.I think to that if they tell me he dosente exist is not true.

                                                                   SPONGE BOB AND PATRICK

                                                            Sence Baby we were together.

                                               This Is How Patrick Gets When We Are Together.


                                                     What Sponge Bob Gives Me.

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