Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Apollo 13

I felt the movie was really fun because it is really interesting.It Started out that the astronauts were in fire and die in an accident.Then in July 20,1969 and it was that another astronauts where going to the moon and they call it Apollo 13.So they practice day by day and they got ready to go to the moon.In April 10 1970 they were ready to beyond.They got to other space but in day 3 April 13 1970 they were not ok because at night the oxygen thank got exploted.The told the mens that help them and they figure out how to come back.Theres two parts of the rocket and the second part they had to put keys so it would let thenm go back to Earth.Thery did it and they did there misson to come back when they were coming a man got sick but he got ok.Know one of the austronauts family is all ok.Before going the austronaut the one that was going to go didnt go because they tought he was going to get the miseles and thats when yuh are little before you get sick but he never did but eithe wise he didint go to the moon and neven the other ones that were in trouble.

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