Tuesday, August 23, 2011


What I have learned from last week about cyberbully is that we all have to learn that words heart and that we need to watch what we do because we are hearting our self when we bully and other people. What I learned to is that I should never give out personal information and that you should never give out passwords,address,or other personal information to people that you don't trust.You should only give personal information to your teacher,parents,and people that you know that are not going to tell them.If I bully I feel like I'm in a big situation of a problem.What I would say is that I haven't bully nobody  because I would not want to be a victim of those people. The people that had been bully they can talk to people about there story.That's the way that I think cyberbully would work. If I was the caracther I would change it by making it more sad like the one that was getting bully would kill her self. What I really think to is that they don't need to change it and I wouldn't really think is a bad caracther.

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