Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Imagining Your Game

I am writing my game for people who are between  12 and Up years old. The person who plays my game must be able to pass the levels and know how to play and know how to use the arrow keys. Since my topic is  action  the player must already know about  moving the mouse and knowing how to.My players will learn about the details of my topic, such as moving the ball and getting the star.The environment for my game will look like in the sky at day and night.This setting will add to the learning of my game by reading the instructions and reading at the first tip.The environment of my game will help the player learn by knowing how to put the ball in to the big ball like putting trash in a trash can.The player will need to use their knowledge of  using the arrow  keys and knowing how to read in order to play the game.A game is a better way of under standing my topic than a quiz because they would review of what they learn in the game.: The topic for my game is action. The reason I chose this topic is because it makes you excited and makes you know how to play better. I learned some pretty interesting facts about my topic. For example making the character fallow each others .Also, knowing how to move the characters by using the arrow keys. I  was really surprised to learn that I know a diffrent game in cool math that I would like to play next time .

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