Friday, November 11, 2011

  • WHO are you designing your game for? (Include the player's age, abilities, and prior knowledge of your topic.) The trouts and the bears or the animals that are hurting there cycles because of the trouts.
  • WHAT will your game teach the player about your topic? (Be specific!) Yes because it si going to teach them how the animals need fish and how the trouts are eating them.They are going to learn how they can help it and it is really heard getting the trouts out of Yellowstone.
  • WHERE does your game happen?
    • Describe the world you will design for your game. In yellowstone.
    • How will this setting add to the learning experience?
  • HOW does your game world teach the player about your topic?
    • What happens in the world that helps the player learn?
    • How does the player use what they learned to make something happen in the game?
  • WHY is a game a better way of understanding your topic than a quiz

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