Tuesday, October 5, 2010


What I learned from the movie is about dirt.What I saw in the movie about dirt and I learned that it has all the misuliom of the things on earth that has travel on he dirt, and on it it has different molecules.When the dirt begin on earth everything change plants were on  earth humans play with dirt we gotta stay thinking of it because dirt is were plants grow up.The soil is made out of dirt when they say that on the movie I was thinking how that could soil be made out of dirt so that's kind of interesting for me.Soil is made out of  micelem dirt,is not only the same dirt but is made out of micelem dirt.Dirt is on earth and the humans use it not only use it the can also eat it not every body but some humans eat dirt.Tree is on dirt so if we dint have dirt they will be no fruit or vegevels so dirt makes the tree to have food.

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