Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly post

What I did today is see the end of the movie, and the movie was sad What the  movie was about is that 6,000,000 people died.They died because the  races dint like there skin they wanted to be only on color.   So students from middle school did a project of paper clips.What they did to get clips is post on the Internet if they want to donate clips or what they do to is put posters on places.At the end they buy a car and people come and see the paper clips like if it was some body that was kill and the now them or they would come to see .What I want to learned this week is about pollution.Why I want to know more of pollution is because I want to have a good game .So I want to have a good  game to because I want to have good grades on Mrs.Valdez class.So those are the things that I'm thinking about right now.I have learned about Internet ,and other stuff.What I have learned so far is about pollution.My game is going to be about pollution that's what I'm learning.Why I want to learned about that is because I want to have allot of ideas for my game so it would be fun.Why I want that my project need to be fun is because then people start talking that is boring I don't want to play no more.So that's what I'm learning and what I'm doing.What I'm righting is what I'm going to learned.Well what I'm going to right is about pollution.Well I'm learning about that is because I'm doing my project and I'm going to right about pollution.So that's I far I have to right .What I have learned the hold week is about  pollution,Internet research,and the last thing is the movie of the life of the penguins.What I have learned about pollution is that is not only pollution is water pollution,air pollution,ground pollution, enviorment pollution,and some more.What I think about all of the things of pollution is that it is important.What I have learned about Internet research is how to put on my 6-C project the information of the game.What I learned of the movie is how penguins live their life and how it goes  when the mom is having a baby.

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