Monday, September 12, 2011

Children of Heven

Ali is boy that does thing's for his mom and family because his mom is sick from her back and Ali and his sister always worked.Ali went to grave food at the store but in each store there family old money and they didn't pay because they were really poor and they need it money.Ali sister took care of his little brother and took care of the house.Ali lost his sister shoes and Ali's sister was really mad at him because she said what was she going to do with out her shoes so they got an Idea and they were going to try the Snickers that Ali had.Ali was worry because he was getting late to school because they were trying shoes. His day was looking for a job so he took Ali so they went t a long trip to ask for a job the dad didn't know how to ask for a job so Ali help him and at the last house they found a job so Al played with the boy at the house and sleep him and his father worked.At the end when they finished the dad got payed and it was allot of money. Then Ali got in the bicycle and told his dad that Sara the sister need it shoes so they were talking when the bicycle couldn't stop so they fail down and Ali's father got hurt.Ali went to school and they found otu that they were going to be a race and if he was 3rd place he would win the snickers so he got in the race. The day he  went to the race he won but he won 1st place so he didn't won the  snickers he won a trip.He came home really sad and his sister was really mad.When he took his shoes of he had really bad feet so he put them in water. Then his dad went and bought them some shes and they were really happy.
          It caind of did because all of the people wasn't poor and they wasn't terrorist.Another thing is that the city was really big and I tough that the city was really poor. The thing that did match is that the woman's cover there body and that they don't have that much fancy close that they sale in the U.S.A.That wen they go to church they do believe in Allah.Ali is a boy that works hard for his family and a really smart. I know that because at the movie they show that Ali was always working.

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