Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Happend?

What happened in 9/11 is that there was a big plain flying all the way to New York.When the plains got there it went to the twin towers.They were able to safe people and they were able to help the community but the people that were working inside the tower were the air plains heat they die. Some other people that were in the tower that  knew that they were going to dye so the call there family and say bye and said that  they were going to dye.Then about 3,000 people die and about 40,000 people dye. People were praying because some of there family were in there and there parent might dye so they pray so they would be safe but some weren't.Then time happened and another plain heat the pentagon on Washington D.C and more people dye.What people worked in the Pentagon were like solders that help the U.S.A but allot of people die.

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