Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mini Game:)!

My mini game was hard at the end because there was more codes to put in our actions and more problems to come.When I got to the step of putting the score I was going crazy because my game was getting allot of problems the carrot wasn't going up and down and the score was going really fast and with out doing anything.I asked for help but they couldn't help me because I had to look in the mini game.
I started to think and I didn't fix it at all because my carrot couldn't go up and down.
       The best part was when my dollard was moving and coming back because it was really hard to me and I steel did it.I think is the best part because it looked really cool and it was really interesting that I could make it moved.The worst part of my game si when I got to the score step it was really hard because I mest up all of my steps and I had to start all over and my head was hearting.

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