Thursday, October 6, 2011

Playing To Learn

Right know my idea for my genre for my game is action because what my game is about walking and running really fast so the caracther would get whahht he wants.I think thats what I want because I think It matches with my game.I learn t hat genres are really important to review because it is a part that you need to know for your game.What I learn too from the games that I like  is that they are really interesting and they have new things that you would like to have because they look good on a game.The game teach me how to see that helping each other from the community would work out.  Tempest in Crescent City is one because its really interesting how the flood  is happening and how you have to help the people.
   The question that I have is how did they make the flood happen? and how do you make the people come out of the house?.

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