Monday, October 3, 2011

Be The Change

On Saturday we participated on  be  the change what we did is we went to make a mulch in each tree.What I think about that day it was that it was really easy and it wasn't that hard.I was in Ms.Fox group but it was only Ms.Fox,Alejandra,Rudy,Karla,and me we all did about 9 or 10 mulches on the trees.They help allot because we did allot of trees and we fix other ones that wernt done right.We help on the other ones that were not done right because then they were not going to help on the trees and we fix them to so they will say that we did a nice job.I would like to participate on other activity like painting Parks, School, or places were they need help on.I want to help on that because that's ab activity that I ♥ to do & an activity that we can help on.

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