Friday, September 10, 2010

An inconvinent truth

Last week you watched the film An Inconvinent Truth.Film tryng to tell you? How does global warming (climate change ) affect you? I learned that climete changes and affects the animals.Beacuse whwen the sun is on a place where is cold or whis ice it starts geting hot and the ice starts melting and some animals need the ice and they need the cold.And where it was hot know is cold and they need the worm because they leave on a hot wether so thatz how it affect to the animals.And I was thinking that the insect they are caind of animal cause it afects to them to. And i learnd to that humans gotta do there best by the wether to.And i learned that humans when is cold they gotta do there best working so they can buy warm clothes and other stuff.And when is hot they gotta buy things that are not worm close that are fresh to where.And see that when is a big storm of water people need to do there best soy they can be at life cause they want to be having fun on Earth and having there family.

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