Monday, September 20, 2010

The Most affecting game

This is the mos affecting game  because is about racing and it is difficult to pass but it is still fun playing it.I like the game because is about racing and I am going to love  because it is fun playing racing games.What i would change from the game is the limit because that's how I lose  because the car limit goes fast.I like how they did the design because when you pass a level is design like winter or summer or other other different designs.The rules are fun because it is that you gotta winn and not move it with the mouse toy gotta move it with the key bord.That's what I would change,things that I dint like,and things that I like the most.   This is my most affecting game because I learned how to play racing games and it was teaching me how to drive. 
        if you want to play drift runners  click on the link

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