Monday, September 20, 2010

The least affecting game is nuthing but net

This game is the least affecting because the rules are boring and it  takes for ever to throw the ball. The rules are boring because is only getting like points and throwing the ball.What I like from the game ate the designs.What it was important to me in the game is why they put the tittle nothing but net if it is about basket ball.What they gotta change from the game is how the rules are and more cool stuff.If that was my game I would change to soccer and you gotta throw the ball and each goal would be 10 points and if you do 100 points you get to the next level.Those are the stuff that I would change,that I like,and the stuff that I dint like.This is my least affecting game to because I dint learned nothing just playing like if it was a basket ball game.


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