Friday, September 17, 2010

What means to me go to college?

What means to me to go to college is that you need to go to college.Why you need to go college?I can go to college evry body is nothing that you can say that yo cant go to college.My mom dint go to college but those where realy things that she need to do.Is a reason why she dint and that reason is because those times all the fathers say not all but some they say that girls are welcome to stay at home and just clean all day.But know is no reason that you cant go to college.If you sey that your not going to college that's a bad choice for your self.Why is a bad choice because you need to go to college because if  you don't go to college your not going to have a good life if you go to college your going to have a good life only if you work hard.Why you need to go college because is the mos important thing if you a mom or a dad and you steel got a chance to go college go and take that chance so your baby would a good life,a good place,and the best education.I'm telling all of you all that read this because college is were you getting a better life but only one thing you need to work hard no matter what just try your best.I'm going to college and going to be a doctor and nothing is going to stop me.Why no body is going to stop me? is because I want to have a better life and if I have a children when I'm doing my dreams nothing going to stop me.Why is not going to stop me is I have only that children? because I want that that children if I have her or he I want that she or he would have the best life than some one else,it dint matter what place.Why it doesn't matter what place?because is going to be the same only is she wont have a good life but that children is going to have what ever she want only if is a good thing.Go TO COLLEGE GIVE YOUR SELF A CHANCE TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE!