Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I like Super Mario Bros, and  the game is a action game because you and the game is doing the action.How I can tell that is you are moving Mario and your doing action by playing.Like the mini games you got to blow or whit the little pen you moving and your doing action.I like that game because it is fun and you can blow and is about action.You can move to one wey and to the other way on the minigames, and you can also have some fun.What i mean about that is that the game is about action because you got to pass the missions and those are the things you got to do.But on the minigames you got to pass the mission but on a different way.What I mean about is that you got to pass the minigames whit the pen because you got to move the things you got to so you can pass the minigames.

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